Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church – ELCA – Hartford, WI

Upcoming Events

August Herald Newsletter Available

Click on the “Herald” icon on the right side of this page to read, save, or print the latest issue of our newsletter. As usual, there are a limited number of printed copies available in the narthex.


Thoughts and Wonderings on God’s Word

Pastor Marcia's Thoughts & Wonderings on God's WordWelcome to the world of daily thoughts and wonderings on God’s Word! There will usually be a scripture passage and the a reflection! It is simple, easy and free. This is a place of grace for all of God’s children to think like a child. On this page we will all be invited to join the the conversation. I will give my thoughts or wonderings for you to read and then you are invited to chime in in response — or not! Some days it will be me out there all alone writing my thoughts with no response from you. That is perfectly fine! But if you have something you would like to say on line feel free! I will not use names, to protect the innocent (-; Also I offer this truth, I will probably never give you a perfect, flawless writing. I am not a very good proof reader of my own work. Come along! – Pastor Marcia

Colorful Year of Sunday School Begins

On September 15th the Redeemer Sunday School started off on a trip to “Follow and Obey God’s Colorful Way”. First we started with a parent meeting at 9am where the kids and parents met their teachers Ms. Natasha (3K-4K), Ms. Kristy (K-2nd grade), Ms. Brianna (3rd -5th grade) and Alex (helper). Then the kids went to the choir loft where they met music leader Ms. Shannon, who started teaching them the new song about Rainbows! After singing, kids and teachers went to their class areas and worked on Rainbow Projects, look for them decorating the hallway outside the office and Sunday School Classrooms. When crafts were done, all classes got together to play with the parachute and enjoy and rainbow snack. It’s going to be a very COLORFUL year in Sunday School.

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Fall Book Study

Pastor Marcia is planning a book study for the Fall. The book is Reclaiming The “L” Word. This would be a monthly book study. If you are interested, please let Pastor Marcia know.

Pictures From Our Recent Events

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Sunday Adult Forum

The Adult Forum meets between services at 9:15 a.m. in the Fireside Room. We will discuss subjects of interest to the group including items from Bible Study, Lutheran Theology and Faith, Issues in Contemporary Faith and Life. Consider joining us. You don’t have to be there every Sunday so please come when you can.

Community Free Lunch

Served the last Saturday of each month at St. Aidan’s starting at 11:30 a.m. Come for community fellowship and a good meal. If you are interested in volunteering, please talk to Barb Menden.

Food Pantry Sunday

The third Sunday of each month has been designated as Food Pantry Sunday.  Please bring non perishable items and place them in the barrel in the Information Area.

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