Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church – ELCA – Hartford, WI

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Message from Pastor Aida

Almighty Google, defines something scandalous as something that causes general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law. The past couple of Sundays, I’ve said that the Gospel is scandalous, Jesus is scandalous and that, therefore God is scandalous. The thing is, beloveds, that we think we can make God and the Gospel fit our sinful mindset and agenda. God nor the Gospel fit, that’s why some of the things the Word of God upholds challenges us, and makes us seem naked in front of God. Our call is to be humble and ask the Holy Spirit to give us the knowledge to understand and reinvent God’s world in his image.
In Christ our Lord,
– Pastor Aida

Adult Study

Book - Jesus A PilgrimageIf you have wondered about the small group of members sitting at the Gathering Room table from 8:30 to 9:15 on Sunday mornings — that would be our Adult Ed group. We have discussed books in the Bible and current events as they relate to Jesus teachings.

Currently, we are discussing “Jesus a Pilgrimage”, by Father James Martin, SJ. He and a friend took a tour of the Holy Land – to the places where Jesus would have walked, preached, taught, and interacted with the people and the surroundings. The chapters correspond to the geographical areas where Jesus lived or where significant parts of his life were spent, the Bible stories that happened in these locations, and how it all relates to our lives today.

Join us. We think you will find this fascinating and will increase your faith. See you next Sunday morning,

– The Adult Ed. Group

Redeemer’s Giving Tree

A permanent Giving Tree is now located in the Narthex! It’s simple to use and benefits many worthy causes in our community and at Redeemer. Simply remove a tag from the tree, bring in the donation on the tag and place it into the proper bin at the foot of the tree. Many thanks to Matt Nettesheim for constructing this amazing work of art (including LED lighting), to Jenny Nettesheim and Sheila Bauer for managing this project, and to Thrivent for providing a grant to help get in “off the ground”. We look forward to many years of use in service to others.

Food Pantry Sunday

The third Sunday of each month has been designated as Food Pantry Sunday.  Please bring non perishable items and place them in the barrel in the Information Area.

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