Pastor’s Page

April 2021

Easter Blessings!

With April comes flowers, showers, allergies, and updates from RLC.This month we started gathering inside the Sanctuary, obviously, with COVID protocols, but every-thing has been running smoothly so far. Communion is still the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, “To Go” (for those attending physically) and drive-thru (for those participating remotely).

At the end of this month I will be fully vaccinated, so let me know if you would be feeling comfort-able with a visit.

Another thing resuming is “Come As You Are” so if you are a Monday worshiper feel free to join us, starting Monday, April 26 (same COVID protocol will apply).

Things are slowly but steadily going back to normal, it’s been a long wait, but, THANKS BE TO GOD we are almost there!

Peace, Grace and Health!
Pastor Aida

July 2019

Can You Picture God?

Twelve years ago I worked as a Christian Education Teacher, in a Lutheran School in Puerto Rico. One day, my sixth graders and I, engaged in a very interesting debate on “How God Looks Like”. Some said that God looks just like us, but older…, one kid said: “…like an eye” (maybe because God sees everything?).
When I challenged them into considering that God might not look like a human being, they were outraged, “No! You’re wrong!” they said.

A couple of Mondays ago, I asked some members of Redeemer to make a drawing about the image they have in their minds, when they think about God.
Ultimately, there is no right answer. Still, have fun looking at these drawings, and try to guess which one is mine.

Pastor Aida

March 2019

Beloveds, As we begin a new month, we also start a new season in our ecclesiastic year, the season of Lent. With Lent, not only colors change in our sanctuary, but the mood and rhythms change in the way we worship, as well. Everything is a little bit darker, quieter, and reflective. We start acknowledging our sinfulness, and therefore, we rejoice in God’s grace. God is extending us an invitation to put a pause on our daily lives and to let the Spirit open our eyes and ears, so we can be able to see and hear our neighbor through the eyes and ears of the Kingdom. God is also inviting us to reflect on how we are participating in his kingdom of peace, love, and justice, and therefore to imagine what else we can do in our community, and in our Synod, to keep showing His face of love, inclusion, and equality. Let us, intentionally, take a moment during these next forty days, and look around us, then, let us be humble, and ask for forgiveness. As the psalmist invites us, let us return to the Lord, our God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love.

In Christ our Lord,
Pastor Aida