President’s Report

October 2019


“For the body is not one member, but many.”

This verse is perfect for what I have been seeing around Redeemer. We have all been coming together to work as a team in God’s name. The Holy Spirit is moving through us in a positive way and it is noticed.

We have caught the attention of the Director of Evangelical Ministry at Synod. He was able to choose one pastor from our Synod to go to Grace Institute and he chooses Pastor Aida. She will learn the tools to keep our church and moving towards the future.

This weekend Bruce H. and Jake B. worked together to replace the glass panels in the upper entry.

We had a team of members work on the Habitat house in the neighborhood.

Tom H. had a member of the community tell him about the great experience they had at h.e.l.p. corner and what a great service it is. The h.e.l.p. corner could not work without the support of Interfaith Caregivers and caring volunteers.

We have another request from the community for space use.

Bruce put out the call for painters on Sept. 28th , and already people are starting to work. Please come and help we need talents that all of you have. We have lighter inside work for those who are not sure of painting skills.

For all of this good work to happen we need to and have been working as a team. We may not always agree or see the reason behind the decisions. But I am proud to say that our members are putting the differences aside and we are working hard to do God’s work. We are making an impact on our community.

We are working to be an efficient and effective church.

Please continue to bring your ideas and thoughts forward. If someone has time to gather a volunteer team for the Pink Pumpkin Run please see Sheila. It could be handing out water or just cheering on runners and walkers.

I feel Blessed to be a part of this Congregation during this time of growth.

Sheila B.