Pastor Jon Breimeier

I was born in Oak Park, IL and raised in Kirkwood, MO, just outside of St Louis. Still a Cardinals fan, but also a Brewers fan. Pretty good student, although calculus and physics got the better of me. Social Work degree from Valpo. After Valpo I worked: porter at Greyhound, farm worker ministry, delivered furniture, MO state highway department installing and repairing roadside signs.

There are lots of pastors in my family tree and currently, including my dad, who was part of the faculty at Concordia Seminary in St Louis which was attacked by the leadership of the Missouri Synod. Christ Seminary Seminex was the outcome; that’s where I graduated from, also where I met my wife, Cheri Johnson. We were ordained together in 1983. Cheri is the pastor at Reformation LC Brookfield, plus she coordinates spiritual activities at Alice’s Garden, a huge community garden near Fond du Lac and North in Milwaukee.

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Three kids, all born at home with midwives: Hannah – 33, Micah – 30, Elijah – 22. My dad died in 2013. Mom was 90 in March, lives in Arcadia and Traverse City, Michigan; moving to Chicago next spring, near my sister. Attending to my mom and the home in Arcadia may call me away from time to time, although she’s going pretty strong still.

We have my resume’ on the counter in the church office – you can see the churches I have served and some of the things I enjoy doing.

Some important scriptures for me: John 1, Matthew 25, Romans 8, Micah 6, I Kings 17-19, Psalm 46, Hebrews.

I should mention that I am a morning stocker in plumbing at the Menards on Brown Deer Road, will have been there seven years in December. It gets me moving around some and the money helps. They have been understanding as I moved to Redeemer, allowing me to go from five mornings a week to only two, Monday and Saturday.