Seeds of Ministry

October 6

Faith is about trust. Faith is highly relational. When we live in a fully trusting relationship with God, all things are possible. And when we live in a fully trusting relationship with God we respond to God’s will instinctually, seeking neither reward nor praise, but simply desiring to do the bidding of our Lord.

October 13

The good news of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan, an enemy of Jews, carries with it the promise that through Jesus, God empowers people to step across boundaries and share mercy with outsiders. God’s mercy is not limited by human conventions regarding insiders and outsiders — even when the outsider is an enemy. For this we should always give thanks.

October 20

Often we who are believers are perhaps still reluctant to address almighty God with our . petitions and needs. God offers us both an invitation and encouragement to pray without ceasing, confident of God’s desire to re- spond. If we do not receive an immediate answer to our prayers we may wonder whether God is at all moved by them. Our prayers, then should give us comfort and encouragement not to lose heart.

October 27

Paul’s statement that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” is expressed in his under- standing of repentance and restoration. In his letter to Timothy Paul reminds him that, he has simply “kept the faith” and is confident of God’s crowning reward in return. Jesus himself asserts that it is only the genuine and humble cry to a kind and forgiving Lord that will truly receive an answer full of love.

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